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is governed by the General Assembly of members and its Executive Committee. Horst Hanusch, Professor emeritus of the University of Augsburg is standing Secretary General. Other offices are changed by election at two-year intervals. The current officers are listed below

(update: October 2016)


President (2016-2018):
Keun LEE (South Korea)

Mariana MAZZUCATO (UK), Jason POTTS (Australia)

Massimo EGIDI (Italy)

Board of Management (2016-2018):
Semih AKCOMAK (TUR), Valeria ARZA (ARG), David AUDRETSCH (USA), Dieter BÖGENHOLD (AU), Guido BÜNSTORF (GER), Jose Eduardo CASSIOLATO (BRA), Carolina CASTALDI (NED), Andreas CHAI (AUS), Mario CIMOLI (CHI), Aldo GEUNA (IT), Magnus HOLMÉN (SVE), Erika KRAEMER-MBULA (South Africa), André LORENTZ (FR), Elicia Maine (CAN), Yao Ouyang (CHN), Martha PREVEZER (UK), Hiroshi Shimizu (JAP).


Former Presidents:

Jorge Niosi, Canada (2014-2016);
Uwe Cantner, Germany (2012-2014);
John Foster, Australia (2010-2012);
Esben S. Andersen, Denmark (2008-2010);
Maria da Graca Derengowski Fonseca, Brazil (2006-2008);
Jean-Luc Gaffard, France (2004-2006);
Franco Malerba, Italy (2002-2004);
Robert F. Lanzillotti, USA (2000-2002);
J. Stanley Metcalfe, United Kingdom (1998-2000);
Dennis C. Mueller, Austria (1996-1998);
Gunnar K. Eliasson, Sweden (1994-1996);
Ernst Helmstaedter, Germany (1992-1994);
Yuichi Shionoya, Japan (1990-1992);
F. M. Scherer, USA (1988-1990);
Arnold Heertje, The Netherlands (1986-1988).

Founding and Honorary President:
Wolfgang F. Stolper, USA (1986), died in March 2002

Honorary President:
Richard R. Nelson, USA (2004- )

Andreas Pyka, Germany

Auditing Committee:
Thomas Grebel, Germany; Werner Hözl, Austria

Secretary General/Treasurer:
Horst Hanusch, Germany

Administrative secretary:
Mrs Olga Gaessner
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Chair of Microeconomics
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 3, 07743 Jena / Germany
Phone: +49 3641 943200
Fax: +49 3641 943202